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	// Language used in app - ('PL','EN') only avaiable right now
	lang: 'PL',

	// Parcels load in map, in normalize ISO-2 format - ('DE','PL','AT','DK','BE','IE') only available right now
	country_parcelshops: 'PL',
    // Element ID for init map
	el: 'gls_map',

	// Weight of parcel, required to define available parcelshops

	// Address to show nearest parcelshops on init map, this value could be zipcode or city with street and house number
	center_point: 'Example_city, example_street'
	// Source of tiles used in app - default false, means tiles are downloading from Open Street Map
	// If you want change it, make sure you have Mapbox API key from this page or Google Maps API key, depend which source should be used. 
	map_type: true,
	// If map_type property is true and you want to use Mapbox API, then you have to paste your Mapbox api key here
	mapbox_key: 'exmaple_api_key',
	// If map_type property is true and you want to use Google Maps API, then you have to paste you api key here
	google_maps_key: 'exmaple_api_key',

	// Turn on/off geolocation - boolean, false by default
	geolocation: true